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Supplies For All Your Needs:

We offer a wide assortment of Industrial Products.  Below is a brief list of what we offer. Please feel free to contact us for more detailed information on what you might be interested in.

Welding Supplies-
We offer a complete line of welding supplies and gases. Everything from filler metal to contact tips and even plasma parts, plus many more items.

Safety Supplies- 
Gloves, Safety Glasses and Goggles, Spray Suits, Rain Boots, respirators, hearing protection and etc.

Need Abrasives, we carry a complete line of Abrasives for metal working needs.

Hex head bolts, grade 5 and grade 8, Carriage Bolts, Plow Bolts, Set Screws and Machine Screws, Castle Nuts, Large Washers, Course-Fine-Metric-S/S Bolts.

Tools and Machinery-
Wright Bros. is an authorized distributor for Jet Wilton Machinery. Angle Grinders, Drills, Hand Tools, Bolt Cutters , Mills, Lathes, Band Saw and so much more. 

Drills And Cutting Tools-
Drills, Taps and Mills, Masonry Drills, Countersink. We offer a lot of hard to find Items. Special Order No Problem. 

Hose And Fittings-
We offer many different types of hose and fittings. Air hose, Suction hose, and Vinyl tubing. Custom hoses can be made right in the store while you wait. 

Hydraulic Hose and Fittings-
We can also make custom hoses right then and there for you and offer standard 1/4" - 1" 2 wire Hydraulic Hose. 

Chain, Sprockets, and Sheaves-
We stock roller chain as well as a selection of sprockets and sheaves. We also have Chain connecting links and 1/2 links. Also supplying a vast selection of V-Belts

Bearings - Ball and Flanged- 
Flanged bearings sizes range from 3/4" - 2". We offer 2 hole, 4 hole, and Pillow Block as well as Radial Ball Bearings.